Non-psychological consultation and solutions in interpersonal communication problems


According to many specialists in communication problems, Trouble Shooting is a journey that they go through together with the client, and not instead of him; this is how the Trouble Shooting approach differs from psychological sessions. Therefore, a Trouble Shooter is needed where a standard psychologist is powerless. Often these are situations where traditional approaches and visits to a psychologist do not help. In addition, the psychologist conducts long analyzes, endless discussions and tries to limit himself to certain clichés of psychological theory.

A Trouble-shooter is practical: he analyzes briefly, to the point, and offers an immediate, practical solution to the problem at hand.

Trouble-shooting is precisely a non-psychological method. Although, for many clients, a Trouble-Shooter becomes, in a way, “a friend you can call and ask for an opinion.” It is no secret that, often in modern society, there are topics that cannot be discussed with anyone - friends and colleagues may judge, partners may steal an idea, the family may not be interested, and the problem may be condemned in society. In this case, they resort to discussion with professionals who will express their opinion, offer a solution or at least their vision, but ALWAYS work on conditions of COMPLETE ANONYMITY. These could be psychologists, even lawyers, but also Trouble-Shooters.

Trouble-shooters differ from others in that they specialize in a short analysis of the problem and voicing the correct solution. Indeed, in private life, as in business, 90% of the answer lies in the correct construction of the question, and 90% of people do not see the correct solution because of a “blurred” view, because they are inside the problem. A Trouble-shooter is outside the problem, sees all the details from the a different angle and side, and builds a solution from practice, and not on the basis of lengthy and complex theories.

How to solve the communication problem?

Often, the root of a problem in the personal sphere is a communication issue. Trouble-shooter solves problems of communication and interpersonal relationships between people, which can manifest themselves in:

  • Love sphere
  • Family
  • At the beginning of a relationship
  • Between colleagues at work
  • Between friends
  • Generally, in a modern society

As it’s known, a Trouble-shooter in its work relies on a creative approach to problems, thoughtful solutions and often on the notorious “instinct”. Therefore, he is able to help in situations that seem hopeless not only for the clients themselves, but also for other specialists.


The work of a Trouble-shooter is in many ways similar to what a psychologist does, only much more accurate and faster. A Trouble-shooter does not talk for hours, but after analyzing the case, announces how long it will take and how much it will cost to solve the problem. He guides the customer to the optimal and fast solution. Often the solution can be quite simple and lies in the way a person thinks. The paradox is that this same thinking in most cases limits the ability to discover a given solution. Moreover, in all cases the client cannot even fully describe the essence of the situation that has developed for him. The reason is his internal barriers and closed-mindedness.

The expert approach of a Trouble-Shooter provides the opportunity, through a properly structured dialogue with the client, to resolve conflicts, receive the necessary answers and find the most effective solution among all possible options.

Without professional help, a person may beat around the bush but never find a solution. In some ways, this is similar to the search for glasses that are placed on the nose. Naturally, the answer does not always lie in the client himself. A Trouble-shooter often have to use miracles of ingenuity. A thorough analysis needs to be carried out only at the 1st stage, and then creative activity begins.

In the modern world, where face-to-face communication has been replaced by online communication and where it is easier to communicate in an application on the phone than in person, where it is easy to run away from a problem or conflict and it is often difficult to initiate communication, for example, starting communication between a man and a woman, or restoring communication that has reached a dead end - this is where the Trouble-Shooter comes to the rescue, as an assistant to whom you can ask any questions, he is not a psychologist, he is the one who immediately gives a practical solution.


First, a Trouble-Shooter listens to the client’s wishes and agrees on the desired result. Then he analyzes the situation and builds a new scenario. Based on this scenario, further work is carried out.

And then whether the Trouble Shooter will become a tool for solving one problem or, like fashionable virtual assistants with Artificial Intelligence, will be a living embodiment of the “CALL A FRIEND” principle is up to you to decide.



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