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Trouble-shooting – expert services in the field of solving problems of any complexity, determined by the application of innovative approach to complex situations and provides 100% desired result

Trouble-shooting ("shoot the problems") - problem solving - a new trend in the business world, designed to address the internal and external crises for companies, firms and individuals, without involving a third party attention. Today in the world there are no more than 100 highly qualified specialists in the Trouble-shooting field. In European Union, they are less than twenty. They are all quite secretive, prefer not to advertise their work, run privately, and never divulge the names of their clients.

As a result, their clients (usually companies), successfully cope with internal and external crises, the media praise the leadership of wise decisions, the public relations department and the anti-crisis managers are paid with bonuses for a coordinated and correct tactical actions. At the same time, some nondescript guy goes out through the back door and quietly carries with it the mystery of the solution. The Trouble-shooters services are not cheap.

It is unlikely that you will meet in daily life a trouble-shooting specialist, who openly will tell you about his work and techniques. Nevertheless, a couple of Trouble-shooters shared their success stories.

Story 1 - USA. The two New York firms where in the business of annual publication of a "yellow pages" handbook type. Both companies’ directories ("yellow pages") were almost identical in form thickness, published information and the price. Things were going well. But soon one of the companies could not compete and start to suffer losses. All of the anti-crisis measures taken by the management did not help. It was decided to try the services of an experienced Trouble-shooting specialist. He came just for a half an hour. He listened to the boss of the company, and then said only one sentence: "Start to produce your “Yellow Pages” directory in smaller format, but thicker." That's all. The Trouble-shooting specialist got his check and silently withdrew. Soon the business of the nominated company went to the mountain, and two months later their competitor broke. Marketers have decided to analyze the reasons for this rapid success. It turned out all pretty banal. People started buying the “Yellow pages” directory in smaller format, as it was more convenient to use and takes up less space on the desktop. In addition, the customers felt that a thicker guide contains more information and, therefore, it is worth buying.

Story 2 - AFRICA. The famous Nike Company has to save the budget and decided to open a factory for the production of shoes in one of the poorest countries in Africa. It seemed as the economic benefit is obvious: cheap labor, the lack of strict safety standards, and so on. But after a few months, the company began to suffer losses. The guardians and other staff began to massively steal products. The company auditors said that entire villages began to walk in the same shoes, the cost of a pair of which was equal to the annual income of a family in the nominated villages. The Nike management employs more protection, but the situation did not change. The company management come up with new and new ways to prevent theft: have installed surveillance cameras, even though to invite the guardians from United States, but in this case, the costs would have increased by several times. The last hope was the Trouble-shooting specialist. He thought for a moment, and then proposed to divide the output. In one country there must be produced only the right shoes, and in the near country - only the left. The result impressed. Thefts have stopped completely. Production flourished, and the costs reduced.

Many of you will wonder, "Why do I need these stories? I do not have a big business." Before telling the 3rd story, came from our company practice in Romania, we would like to underline that the Trouble-shooting services and practices are applicable to any of the businesses of all of the sizes and also in the private life. In any business there is at least one or two of the key problems which could be a serious stumbling block to the company development. We start our work by identifying your key issues and offering you the possible solutions. For us it is important that you will quickly recoup the investment made in the recommended solution and the cost of our services.

Story 3 - ROMANIA. A company from Republic of Moldova, specialized in the manufacture of advertising stands, as a first entry on the Romanian market, without the existence of a legal entity, negotiated an order for exhibition stands with a well-known retailer from Romania. The complexity of the work was the fact that the manufacturer does not have staff in Romania, does not know the logistics principles and, initially, the client set the condition that the stands must be imported, delivered and installed by the manufacturer. The first call and task were to form a working principle, whereby the company from Republic of Moldova produces and delivers the stands (bulky by the way, having more than 2.5 m3 each) in Romania, and the Trouble-shooter was contacted for certain recommendations of a potential subcontractor, to carry out the import, delivery and installation of the stands in the stores. In addition, there was also the requirement of the client (the retailer) that the delivery and installation must be performed by 09.00 in the steeled days. All this, in a first analysis, led to a volume of expenses of about 45% of the product price, a fact that made the project and the contract meaningless, becoming unprofitable for the manufacturer from Republic of Moldova. We will not delve into the details of determining the purpose and the solution, we will only tell you that, investing in 5 paid hours of Trouble-Shooting services, our client (the manufacturer from Moldova) managed to negotiate with the Romanian retailer, for a discount an additional 15%, that all said work be performed by the retailer's staff, and that the products be directly delivered from Republic of Moldova to the retailer's platform. Thus, by investing in the Trouble-Shooter services about 1,000 Euros, our client solved his problem, signed a long-term contract with the retailer, and what's more – he also achieved a saving of over 20,000 Euros, compared to the initial calculations and is already analyzing the possibility of starting a branch in Bucharest, with potential development not only for sales, but also for production and service for advertising and promo installations.

In the European Union countries, the practice of the Trouble-shooting services is very little spread. The main reason - the lack of truly intelligent professionals who would think non-ordinary and which would accept to remain unknown, without making a name for themselves, or to hit the jackpot, "pluming" the information about the company's problems to its competitors. Still, you can find experts, and they cope with their work skillfully.

The Trouble-shooting service applies not only to business entities. Professionals have a high level demand in politics and society. Even some married couples in crisis relationship, are ready to use the Trouble-shooting services. Frequent are also the situations where the middle level managers or senior executives, searching a solution to their problem, calls for the confidentially service of a Trouble-shooting specialist. As a result, the manager, after spending a certain amount of its own funds for the Trouble-shooting service receives the right decision, which leads to a positive result, the bosses are happy, and the manager is encouraged with a bonus or even carrier growth.

As the majority of experts confirms, the most intractable crises are associated with the war or religious conflicts. In both cases, to reach a compromise is difficult, because people are not seeking economic benefits, but fight for moral principles. In other situations, the solution is relatively easy, especially when the expert analyze the situation from outside.

Insoluble situations in life, practically does none exist. Sometimes, searching for the right solutions, it is necessary to go beyond the standard thinking and look at the situation through the eyes of an outside observer. Perhaps the solution will come by itself. And if not, it can be call for a Trouble-shooting service. It helps to find a solution, save your money, nerves and reputation.




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